Preventing Supabase Pausing

A quick trick to stop Supabase pausing your database on low-traffic projects

April 20, 2024

Supabase is a really nice way to get a Postgres database up and running quickly. It's free tier is more than enough for development and hobby projects, but it does have one downside: it pauses your database after 1 week of inactivity. What makes it worse is that once the database has been paused, you must manually unpause it from the Supabase dashboard. This can be a bit annoying if you're working on a low-traffic project, where a week of no traffic is a possibility.

I've encountered this recently while working on a couple of NextJS apps that are deployed on Vercel, and I found this neat trick to prevent it. It simply involves creating a new API endpoint on the NextJS app that makes a request to the database, and configuring a Vercel cron job to hit that endpoint every day.

Using Drizzle, my ORM of choice, the code for the API endpoint usually looks like this:

import { db } from '@/db';
import { sql } from 'drizzle-orm';
export async function GET() {
  let dbHealth;
  try {
    const [res] = await db.execute<{ healthy: boolean }>(
      sql`SELECT true as healthy`
    dbHealth = res.healthy;
  } catch (err) {
    dbHealth = false;
  return Response.json(
      db: dbHealth,
    { status: dbHealth ? 200 : 503 }

And you can configure a Vercel cron job which runs at midnight every night with a vercel.json file like this (just update the path and schedule fields to match your API endpoint route and desired schedule in cron syntax):

  "crons": [
      "path": "/api/health",
      "schedule": "0 0 * * *"
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